Few Prominent Advantages of Hiring Crane Truck Service in Gold Coast and Brisbane

Advantages of Crane Truck Hire

Save money and time with reliable and efficient crane truck hire service at best industry rates in Gold Coast, Brisbane and the surrounds

If you need transportation of heavy items in Gold Coast, Brisbane, you might be looking for a reliable transport service. The transport company should have access to a wide range of trucks, and you should be able to transport items quickly and efficiently. OTM Transport offers reliable and efficient crane truck hire services and guarantees the best industry rates.

Save time and money with OTM Transport – Crane Truck Hire & Transport Services

OTM Transport has a versatile fleet of trucks, including crane trucks, flatbed trucks, semi-trucks, and semi crane trucks. With a versatile truck fleet, we can accomplish various tasks, including demolition, collection, and transportation. If you are looking for one-time transportation or regular transportation of heavy items in Gold Coast, Brisbane, you can contact OTM Transport. By using the right trucks in the right place, clients will save time and money on transportation.

Easy transportation

If you want to transport any load of any size, flatbed truck hire is the best solution. The deck size of the flatbed truck varies from 6 tonnes to 24 tonnes of load capacity. You can hire flatbed trucks to transport boats, automobile vehicles, and the containers. Our crane truck hire and Transport Company provides services in Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, and various popular destinations. OTM Transport has the expertise, fleet, and customer support that makes our clients feel at ease when transporting their bulky and expensive products. The transport job will be accomplished seamlessly while the customer focuses on their core business.

Easy Transportation

The advantage with tilt trucks

The transport of semi-built vehicles, homes and park offices can be done with tilt tray trucks. You can consider hiring tilt tray trucks for transporting items at economical costs.

The loading and unloading of heavy objects can be done easily as the trucks have built-in winches. Your expensive items will not be damaged during transport and will be delivered on time, every time.

Benefits of semi trucks and semi crane trucks

OTM Transport deploys semi-trucks as per your needs. Semi-trucks have the capability to carry loads of up to 24 tonnes. The trailer has airbag suspension to carry the load safely and not damage any items. The semi crane truck comes with an extendable trailer of up to 25 meters in length. It helps in transporting long items in a very efficient manner. The truck’s cargo-carrying is up to 20 tonnes, and the crane can lift loads up to 10.5 tonnes with an extension up to 30 meters in reach. Transportation of boats (including loading and offloading) can be done with semi crane trucks.

Benefits of Semi Trucks

Selection of crane truck hire and transport service provider

To choose the best crane truck hire and transport services, you should be aware of the transport operator’s versatile vehicles. If you can get cost-effective and reliable services, you can hire the operator without any issues. OTM Transport has a dedicated workforce and the largest fleet in the industry to transport heavy machinery and raw material for your business operations. Construction materials such as steel, concrete slabs, and timber can be transported to other parts of the country at the lowest cost.

Crane Truck Hire Gold Coast and Brisbane

Selection of Crane Truck Hire

OTM Transport is the expert you need when you are looking for crane truck hire in Gold Coast and Brisbane. With over decades of experience, we have been handling your projects and delivering prompt services throughout Gold Coast and Brisbane. We are among the trusted professionals, who put customers first. Our services cover everything from the transportation of different types of machinery to accident tows.  Whatever your needs may be, we are providing a crane truck for hire at a no-obligation quote to make sure your job will be done in a seamless manner. Now, choose from our various truck size ranges and relocate heavy machines without any discomfort.

You can get a quick quote online from OTM Transport for the best services in the industry.

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