Terms & Conditions

  • On The Move Transport (hereinafter referred to as OTM) provides crane truck hire and transport services that are charged on an hourly rate. You will receive a booking confirmation on the prices charged for our services.

  • All crane truck hire and transport services provided by OTM are charged from depot to depot. OTM transport depots are in Highland Park and Arundel in South East Queensland. At times we use contractors. You will be notified before job commences what suburb the truck will be charged from and to.

  • All charges are calculated by 15 minute increments in the hour charged to our clients.

  • All tolls will be charged accordingly to the final invoice.

  • All cancelled bookings are charged at $150 – $300 + gst unless otherwise quoted and accepted by the client prior to commencement of services.

  • All invoices issued by OTM must be paid on receipt on the day of service unless you hold a credit account with us. No claims will be recognised after 7 days for any invoice.

The Customer warrants that:

(a) the Goods are fit for transport and have been suitably packaged for those purposes ( all loose products MUST be wrapped and strapped. All loose products will not be transport on our trucks and all minimum charges will be made if you confirm a booking with us);

(b) the Customer has the authority of all Persons owning or having any interest in the Goods to enter into this agreement on their behalf;

(c) the Customer has effected and will maintain a policy of insurance to cover any loss of or damage to the Goods during transport;

(d) the details of description, items, pallet space, quantity, weight, quality, value and measurements supplied by the Customer or any other party are correct;

(e) there is a suitable practical road and approach for OTM vehicles to the place from which the Goods are to be collected and the place to which the Goods are to be delivered;

(f) the place from which any Goods are to be collected will have safe and adequate loading facilities and equipment available;

(g) the delivery address will have safe and adequate unloading facilities and equipment available on arrival of OTM vehicles;

(h) in respect of (f) and (g) above the customer accepts that a charge for waiting time is payable in the event that the required equipment is not available at either locations.

The Customer:

(a) acknowledges that OTM has no responsibility or liability in relation to any pallet used for transport;

(b) must ensure that pallets are transferred from and to any relevant hire accounts and that any necessary documentation is signed and delivered to the applicable pallet hire company;

(c) releases and indemnifies OTM from and against any liability in relation to the loss of pallets or failure of any party to transfer pallets on or off any hire account;

OTM relies on the details of description, items, pallet space, quantity, weight, quality, value and measurements supplied by the Customer and/or the Consignor, but does not admit their accuracy.

The Customer undertakes to indemnify OTM in respect of any liability whatsoever in respect of the Goods to any Person (other than the Customer) who claims to have, who has, or who in the future may have any interest in the Goods or any part of the Goods.

(d) agrees to duly pay invoices in accordance with OTM payment terms – on receipt of invoices or accounts;

(e) agrees that in the event of a delay in payment the customer will be liable for interest charged at the rate of 5% per month, or part thereof, until such time as the payment is received by OTM.

(f) agrees that in the event of a continued payment default, legal costs and collection costs charged to OTM by its debt collection agency, Credit Collection Services Australia, will accrue and will be immediately payable on demand.

(h) agrees that this contract is subject to the laws of the State of Queensland and more specifically to the Magistrates Court at Southport

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