Crane Truck Hire Jobs Done in Gold Coast and Brisbane

Lift support, difficult sites and carrying wide loads requires a crane truck driver with a high level of technical skill.

Our team of highly trained drivers specializes in precision lifting and trade support with a focus on getting the job done safely every time.

The nature of installation is that tradesmen sometimes rely on crane support to lift and manoeuvre an item into place so the installation team can work their magic.

Craning air conditioning on to roof

Since the AC unit only needs to be lifted to the edge of the roof, OTM’s crane truck hire is perfect for the job. Our crane truck can easily roll a unit weighing 1,500 pounds over an uneven surface (up to 4,500 lbs. using multiple sets).

Since nothing extends underneath the rooftop unit, it can easily be placed directly on the roof curb. The amount saved from the expense of using a larger crane or helicopter can pay for the cost of renting the OTM’s crane truck on just one job.

Craning Air Conditioning on to Roof

Installing sound barriers on highway with a crane truck

A construction company was tasked with setting up 12’ concrete barricade walls to separate a newly constructed walkway that ran parallel to a vehicular driveway.

Back at the company yard, our boom truck operator used a remote control to maneuver our barrier lift onto the necessary wall structures.

The lifter had also been fitted with alignment legs, which allowed our boom truck hire operator the ability to position the device onto the wall without assistance.

Our operator loaded the wall onto his truck, transported them to the nearby job site, and then placed the barrier into its desired position. A ground guide assisted OTM’s Crane Truck hire operator with interlocking the nine walls together. The entire process to set 108 feet of concrete barrier took less than 3 hours.

Installing Sound Barriers on Highway with a Crane Truck

Installing roof trusses with a crane truck

As all the OTM’s crane truck hire in Brisbane come with remote control, this means that the driver/operator can stand alongside the tradesman/carpenter at the point of installation. The benefits of this being from a safety prospective, communication.

Having the operator at ground level at the point of install can be dangerous and could result in serious injury. Having the operator near the tradesman also allows them to help the tradesman and can usually result in the job being carried out quicker than first anticipated.

The benefits of hiring us, OTM Transport Crane Truck Hire to complete a Roof Truss installation would simply be its versatility, allowing it to carry materials to the location of the lift and then complete the job within the time restrictions.

This then coincides with the level of service you get from us, reliable and prompt so the job gets done with as little stress or time as possible but still to the highest standard.

Installing Roof Trusses with a Crane Truck

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