Crane Truck Hire in Brisbane and Gold Coast

When you want a mobile solution for lifting or shifting a small to medium-sized load from one location to another, then a crane truck rental is all you need. Crane trucks are the essential big rigs; besides, they haul the working crane rather than cargo. In this way, a crane can virtually move anywhere like a standard moving vehicle, so you don’t need to think about the sources to relocate the crane to a new location or position at the construction site.

When working on the Crane Truck Hire in Brisbane and Gold Coast, there are numerous considerations that you should take seriously as safety is more important than anything else. Crane is a heavy vehicle and one of the most dangerous that could be present at any construction site. Any mistake in the operation of the crane can cost a life.

Safety Tips for Crane Truck Hire Rentals

At OTM, we emphasize safety concerns; that’s why we have one of the best records of accidents in the industry. We focus on safety from the beginning to the end of the job. Besides, we expect a similar emphasis from clients on protecting their property and people. Therefore we have carefully prepared a guide that will cover almost all vital workplace safety concerns associated with the crane truck rentals and working with the crane in general.

How you can keep your property as well as people safe when working with crane truck rental

Get the detail of the job site and its basic requirements.

Before renting a crane or crane truck, you need to know all the important details of the site and the job it is intended to perform. It involves weight limits, terrain, layouts, and any dangerous feature like live high voltage line, height clearances and others. Apart from that, you need to ensure that the crane will fit in the required space and has the possible room for both loaded crane and truck without developing any danger. By having all these details in mind, you will work smoothly with the crane truck rental agency.

Follow the weather forecast.

For operating a crane, there is also an easy thumb rule that you need to follow that don’t use the crane in inclement weather. Because due to adverse weather conditions, loads and cranes can both be knocked by strong winds. Cranes are electrically conductive, and being hit by lighting and situation will become completely disastrous. It is worthy of mentioning that a small amount of precipitation is capable enough to make the load even more difficult. Therefore it is recommended to use the crane in the clean weather and remain ready to call for a halt if a storm blows in. A small delay in the process can be costly, and it will be risky to bear weather-related accidents.

Hire Only Licensed Operators

In most situations, your crane truck rental agency will have an option to send licensed workers along with the crane. They may even require it. However, if you are providing your manpower, make certain they have experience with the equipment, along with all the proper licenses, permits, and insurance. Never allow an untrained individual to operate a crane or any of its associated equipment.

Always remember that load craned can be only safe for load-carrying if it is lifting a load of the usual size; the uneven or unusual weight can cause an accident.

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