After renting the crane from crane rentals, the battle isn’t worn yet. You need to properly lift the load while avoiding accidents from coming about. For a successful lift, you need to be working with the right personnel.

The number of experts you need for the job varies depending on the project where the larger and more complex the project, the more personnel you need on the site. Some of the professionals you need for the project include:

Crane operator

The crane operator is responsible for proper operation of the crane. In most cases, crane rental companies rent the operators together with the crane, but you can always hire them independently.

A good crane operator should be licensed to operate the machine. The operator can have one or more class endorsements. Class A operators operate medium size mobile and tower cranes, class B operators operate any crane of any capacity while class C operators are limited to small mobile cranes.

The crane operator is of grave importance to the project, so take your time and ensure they have all of the necessary qualifications. You don’t want someone to tip over the machine or cause a serious accident, do you?

Crane Truck Operator


The master rigger is responsible for overseeing all of the rigging activities. The professional also ensures all loads are secured to the crane before the lift. The rigger is also responsible for maintaining the safety of all rigging personnel as well as that of nearby workers and civilians.

Like the crane operator, you need to ensure the master rigger is licensed. This way, you are sure they will safely hoist and lower any article regardless of its weight

A qualified master rigger should have at least 5 years of experience, completed 30 hours of mandatory safety training, and should have passed background checks along with written and practical examinations.


The signalmen are the crane operator’s eyes and ears on the ground. They provide direction to the crane operator, letting them know the right time to proceed with the lift.

For a signalman to qualify, they should have completed a safety course and passed an oral and written exam. Since signalmen are critical to preventing accidents at the site, you should hire the most qualified.

You will even be better off hiring signalmen that regularly work with the crane operator. This way, you are sure they are less likely to cause an accident as they have a history working together.

Signalman for Crane Truck


Riggers attach loads to the crane. If you have a small project and a small load, you need a few riggers, but if you have a large project, you need many riggers.

Riggers often work under the master rigger, so it’s wise to ask the master rigger to get you the best riggers they know of.

Even if the riggers are experienced, take time to remind them of the safety features to decrease the chances of accidents happening on the site.


Flagmen help vehicles, including cranes, move safely on the site. The professionals help drivers and operators avoid hazards and people. They also prevent construction vehicles and civilians from entering dangerous situations.

For the flagmen to qualify, they should complete a safety course and pass both oral and written examinations. For peace of mind, the vehicles and cranes are being directed by the right person, ensure the flagman you hire has all the necessary qualifications.


If working in a congested area, you need pedestrian managers to control pedestrian traffic and bicycles as they move around the worksite.

In most cases, managers don’t need any qualifications. They only need to have the confidence to show people the areas they should follow and those they should avoid.

Riggers & Pedestrian Manager for Crane Truck


These are some of the personnel you need in your lifting project. Regardless of the staff, ensure they are experienced and have the necessary qualifications.

Since the crane is a vital part of the project, ensure you rent it from a crane services provider that takes good care of its cranes. You don’t want a crane that grinds to a halt in the middle of the project, do you?

Before you hire the crane, thoroughly inspect it, and ensure all the parts are working properly. Even at the site, before you do any lift, examine it again and confirm all the parts are in tip-top shape.

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