Shed Delivery Crane Truck Hire

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    If you have just moved into a new home but do not like the current placement of the shed or need to upgrade its size, then you are at the right place. The logistics of moving a shed and its dismantling is not simple and relenting, so make sure you get help from an expert. At OTM transport, we have all the right cranes required to complete the job in a much more convenient way. All our cranes are fully equipped to help you with your work without damaging anything at the site. Whether you need to transport the shed to the site or need to dismantle it, we can help you with everything with our large fleet of trucks for hire. Moving a shed from one place to another requires a lot of work and planning but worry not; at OTM transport, we take care of it without causing any damage to the item and helps you with all your transportation or lifting needs.