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OTM Transport are all equipped with a flatbed for easy and versatile load transport. Flatbed trucks are the most commonly used transport vehicle in the industry and are able to carry any load, any size. Our fleet of trucks offers you a variety of deck sizes depending on your needs. Ranging from 6 tonne to 24 tonne load capacity we can provide you with a transport solution for your products or goods. We can even offer you container transport if you desire. OTM Transport is the only transport company that you will ever need.

Servicing Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Northern NSW and beyond, we can transport your goods anywhere in the country. Our trucks are able to carry any load from concrete slabs, timber, machinery, signage, 20’ and 40’ containers and steel. Our flatbed trucks are fully maintained and serviced to provide you with transport services that are on-time every time. Ideal for use in the building, construction and logistics sector, flatbed trucks make delivering loads simple and convenient. With our trucks providing you with a cost-effective transport solution you do not need your own fleet at all.

Every OTM Transport truck has an experienced driver that will transport your goods safely to your desired destination. Each one of our drivers and assistants is fully certified and ticketed for the truck they operate. We pride ourselves in regularly testing our drivers for compliance in order to provide you with the best professional and friendly service each time you use OTM Transport trucks. Our drivers are the best in the industry and they strive to provide you with the most efficient and expert advice for your transport needs. Our friendly and helpful drivers have a reputation for being the best of the best across the country.

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    No matter what the size or shape, if you want to move your products or goods from A to B, OTM Transport has the perfect solution for you. With up to 24 tonne capacity our flatbed trucks offer the most versatile and economically viable transport solution in the business. Our expert staff and well-maintained fleet of trucks is the best fit for your company and with us, as your transport provider, you can take your company to the next level in your industry. We look forward to partnering with your organisation in the future.

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    If you have multiple packages to transport in Gold Coast or have a piece of machinery with an abnormal size and weight, then the flat bed truck hire in Gold Coast would be the right way for you to go. Flat bed trucks are a versatile medium for one to transport multiple packages from one place to another as it allows the packages to be loaded from multiple sides. As the name suggests, a flat bed truck has a flat trailer that can easily handle a package that takes a lot of space. And when it comes to flat bed hire in Gold Coast, then you could make a better choice than to hire flat bed truck from On The Move Transport.


    If you are looking for a flatbed truck hire near me in the Gold Coast area, then On The Move Transport is the only name you should concern yourself with. On The Move Transport provides a reliable and affordable flatbed truck hire service in the Gold Coast region, and it is the default choice for many to haul their freight. We have flatbed trucks in our vast fleet that can handle up to 100 tonnes, so, no matter the size and shape of your transport, we are in a position to provide haulage service. We also discuss your needs beforehand and ensure you are getting ideal services from the convenience of your home or business premises.

    At OTM transport we offer you a free quote of the service, you can get in touch with our friendly customer support.

    OTM transport offers you a variety of deck sizes that depends on your needs and our experts even offer you container transport if you desire to fulfill.

    We ensure to service and maintain our flatbed trucks and other equipment regularly on time so it can be performed with its full efficiency.

    We can fulfill all your needs no matter what the size or shape OTM transport has the perfect solution for your business needs, our flatbed trucks can carry up to 24-tonne capacity.

    Every OTM transport truck has an experienced driver that will transport your goods safely to your desired destination. We pride ourselves in regular testing our drivers for compliance in order the provide you with the best professional service.